Cosmin Ursache

Co-Founder / CTO

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Cosmin Ursache holds a Master’s Degree in Computational Optimization  at the Faculty of Computer Science from the ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza University”  Iasi and an engineer’s bachelor degree in automation and computers obtain at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi.

He is an experienced software architect, core member of the PrivateSky project (blockchain, serverless and distributed software architectures). Cosmin has over 10 years experience working as a programmer and as a manager. Cosmin acted as software architect for cloud and enterprise applications and holds significant experience in Node.js, PHP, JAVA, SQL, NoSQL and Redis technologies. Also, he has very good testing background, always getting involved in quality assurance processes. In Axiologic, as co-founder, Cosmin is involved in research activities related to the PrivateSky project and he is also involved in product management. He acts as main team leader, architect for the software development distributed teams and QA leader.

Before 2010, Cosmin provided development services for companies in search of software programmers with skills and knowledge in hardware to implement software control applications for dedicated hardware platforms.

Since Nov 2010 until Feb 2016, Cosmin has started as a programmer and has grown as a team leader and later department manager. As a programmer, he got involved in multiple projects based on a mix of technologies managing to overcome any technical challenge. He was able to develop new products. Adaptable and keen to learn, he has proven that he has the skills required to improve or unblock projects by architecture redesign proposals and implementations. As a manager, he led the R&D department with over 12 people (programmers, testers, designer, product managers) for more than 2 years and delivered over 8 software solutions towards Romanian universities and ministries.

Starting from Feb 2016, he has got onboard of Axiologic founding team, being involved in all the research activities from the starting PoC until the delivery stage.