PrivateSky research project (2016-2021): This project funded by the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation (MCI) and the EU (budget around 3M Euro) (2016-2021) aims at building the next generation of executable choreographies and at implementing powerful innovations regarding secret smart contracts and communication between heterogeneous blockchains. PrivateSky is a platform for the deployment of distributed applications, securely secured contracts, and can be used to execute off-chain secret smart contracts. Axiologic created the initial technology concept and Axiologic’s key people are also leading the PrivateSky research project inside the University ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Iasi.

SwarmESB research project (2008-2017): SwarmESB has validated the concept of using swarm communication to implement executable choreographies and the important role that cohoregraphies can play in improving privacy and confidentiality from code and software architectures. The SwarmESB project makes us a market leader in the integration technologies and micro-services architecture for node.js.

CryptoSeed initiative (2019-2021) Together with APARS (Asociatia Pentru Antreprenoriat si Responsabilitate Sociala) Axiologic is initiator of a long time project of using blockchain for increasing societal resilience by crowdfunding mechanisms. The main idea of the CryptoSeed decentralised crowdfunding platform is to initiate a federation of many crowdfunding sites. CryptoSeed will offer the possibility to give CryptoSeed tokens to backers. Simply put, the mining of tokens will happen each time when somebody is helping a project with some money (fiat or even crypto). As a crowdfunding backer, when you help a project you do not lose out of your wealth, it is transformed in CryptoSeed tokens. Because of the problems in the Crypto industry caused by too many unscrupulous ICOs (many without real technologies and products), we have reduced the speed of this important project. We will restart this project after the mature technologies of the PrivateSKy platform. We also try to reposition this project for crowdfunding and self-governance within local communities.

Other past projects: In the past we have invested in research and development of other products like Obfusc (2007), SensERP(2011) and (2014). The development of these products is now stopped, our focus being on the technologies around the PrivateSky platform.