Sînică Alboaie

Co-Founder / CEO

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Sînică Alboaie obtained his PhD in 2018 from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Master’s degree Computer Science, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (2001). His main research domains of interest and results are about the innovative concept of executable choreographies, cryptography and about creating new privacy enhancing technologies.

Sînică holds over 19 years of experience in the software development industry, and over 10 years experience in project management, (4 years are in the EU funded projects). Sînică is the main inventor of the swarm communication that proved to be a very practical approach for implementing agents with mobile code and execution engines for distributed business processes based on executable choreographies. He worked in start-ups and international software companies, starting his career as a software engineer, then continued further on to take various roles including manager, software architect, researcher, Product/Project Manager, Software Development Manager, CTO, start-up founder, etc. In the H2020 project OPERANDO (2015-2018), Sînică acted as project manager and researcher, leading the creation of new privacy enhancing technologies. Since 2016, Sinică has had the role of Technical Supervisor of the PrivateSky research project. He was actively involved in deciding the architecture and project plans for the new applications and services (e-Learning, Business Process Management, ERP-type applications, Web and mobile applications). Sînică coordinated the development but also other technical aspects for presales and costs estimation on many projects, auctions from ministries, universities, etc.
Sinică co-founded a technology start-up, Axiologic Research in 2003, Here, Sînică worked in the core team that maintained and extended QAC: a powerful static source code analyzer (MISRA standards, code analysis using dataflows, check quality of C source code). At that time Sînică also coordinated the creation of a commercial product: a php obfuscator (www.obfusc.com) and contributed to numerous other open source and commercial projects.

Sînică has authored/co-authored over 15 scientific publications covering software engineering, cloud technologies and architectures, self-sovereign storage mechanisms using executable choregraphies and blockchain, quantum resistant digital signature algorithms, homomorphic encryption and privacy.