From outsourcing to new technologies

Building a future around smart contracts!

About Axiologic

Outsourcing, Open source technologies and PrivateSky research project

Commercial products

From Obfusc (2007) to SensERP(2011) and (2014) we invested in products that serve international and Romanian markets

We are now focused on building commercial solutions around privacy, blockchain and smart contracts!

Open source technologies

The SwarmESB project makes us a market leader in the integration technologies and micro-services architecture for node.js. Our founders are also involved in research for implementing PrivateSky, a platform for Smart Contracts

outsourcing node.js


For many yeares we did consultancy for companies from UK, Germany, US and Romania. We started with C/C++/Java but now we are looking only for big projects around integration and blockchain tehnologies

PrivateSky : a powerful platform for smart contracts (Comming soon)

Based on executable choreographies, Blockchain, Private Data System

"Axiologic Research was founded in 2003 as an outsourcing only company "

"Axiologic SaaS was founded in 2011 as an enterprise technology startup. "

"Axiologic Research is partof the APARS cluster! "